Believing that God has entrusted us with resources,
so we may give generously and joyfully,
we encourage individuals to consider a variety of ways to give.

     Ways of Giving
     Charitable Bequests
     A Child called Charity
     Revocable Deposit Agreement
     Appreciated Securities
     Donor Advised Funds
     Life Insurance
     Gifts of Registered Funds (RRSP/RRIF)
       Charitable Gift Annuities
     Charitable Remainder Trusts


A Gift Annuity is similar to a life-long pension you can buy from CSS, but with a special twist: any remaining funds at your death are paid to charity(ies) of your choice. Gift Annuities provide a high, tax-efficient income stream that continues for life. Since there is a future gift, you receive a donation receipt at the time the annuity is acquired.

A gift annuity is irrevocable. The funds (once receipted by CSS), are removed from your estate, and are exempt from probate fees. Rates range from between 4.5-10% depending on your age. In today's economic climate, rates like that are hard to come by. Gift Annuities are popular amongst people who do not have a pension of their own, as they provide an alternative source of income for retirement instead of GICs, bonds, etc. given today's low-interest environment.

If you live on a fixed income, but plan to make future gifts from your estate, a gift annuity offers you a chance to increase your income AND secure a gift for your favourite charity. For a personalized quote, and to have the benefits of a Gift Annuity explained to you, please contact CSS.

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