Believing that God has entrusted us with resources,
so we may give generously and joyfully,
we encourage individuals to consider a variety of ways to give.

     Ways of Giving
       Charitable Bequests
     A Child called Charity
     Revocable Deposit Agreement
     Appreciated Securities
     Donor Advised Funds
     Life Insurance
     Gifts of Registered Funds (RRSP/RRIF)
     Charitable Gift Annuities
     Charitable Remainder Trusts


A gift to charity made in a will is known as a charitable bequest. Charitable bequests are a fantastic way to turn your Last Will and Testament into a testimony of what is important to you, while helping to support the vision and mission of a charity (or charities) that have been a key part of your life.

Charitable bequests can model stewardship to your heirs and show them what ministries and charities are important to you. A Charitable bequest can help provide much needed seed money to a ministry that you support so the charity can continue to grow and flourish.

A charitable bequest can provide valuable tax savings for your estate - in the same way that charitable giving during your lifetime provides you with tax savings.

There is no fixed method to set up a charitable bequest. It could be a specific gift of property, a fixed dollar figure, or perhaps a percentage/share of your estate. It is up to you to decide how much you want to give. The gift could be given immediately by your estate, or over several years if needed.

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