Believing that God has entrusted us with resources,
so we may give generously and joyfully,
we encourage individuals to consider a variety of ways to give.

     Ways of Giving
     Charitable Bequests
       A Child called Charity
     Revocable Deposit Agreement
     Appreciated Securities
     Donor Advised Funds
     Life Insurance
     Gifts of Registered Funds (RRSP/RRIF)
     Charitable Gift Annuities
     Charitable Remainder Trusts


A special concept of planned giving encouraged by CSS is for donors to adopt a 'Child Called Charity' and to include that 'Child called Charity' in their Wills. Thus, the donor provides a gift (equal to a child's share of one's estate) to be divided amongst the donor's favourite causes. CSS may be named as the beneficiary of the 'Child called Charity' share, and will distribute the gift to the charity(ies) listed in a Letter of Direction written by the donor at the time their will is prepared.

Example: Tom and Wilma Smith are in their 60's and have 4 adult children. Through their Will, they wish to remember some charities they have supported faithfully. They divide their estate into 5 equal portions. Thus, each of their children will inherit 1/5th and several charities, through CSS, will receive a share as well.

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