Believing that God has entrusted us with resources,
so we may give generously and joyfully,
we encourage individuals to consider a variety of ways to give.

     Ways of Giving
     Charitable Bequests
     A Child called Charity
     Revocable Deposit Agreement
     Appreciated Securities
       Donor Advised Funds
     Life Insurance
     Gifts of Registered Funds (RRSP/RRIF)
     Charitable Gift Annuities
     Charitable Remainder Trusts


Donor Advised Funds are one of the most flexible and powerful giving tools CSS offers. A Donor Advised Fund is like your personal, charitable chequing account. Any deposits you make into the account receive a donation receipt in the year of the gift. 100% of the gift is placed in the account and is available for you to donate whenever you see fit. You may want to make some immediate gifts, and some gifts in the future.

Furthermore, you are free to add funds to the account as you see fit; all additional deposits to the account will receive donation receipts as well.

Donor Advised Funds can be used in situations where a person is facing a one-time tax hit due to the sale of real estate, a business, a farm, etc. They can also be a low-cost alternative to establishing a private foundation.

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