Believing that God has entrusted us with resources,
so we may give generously and joyfully,
we encourage individuals to consider a variety of ways to give.

     Ways of Giving
     Charitable Bequests
     A Child called Charity
     Revocable Deposit Agreement
     Appreciated Securities
     Donor Advised Funds
     Life Insurance
     Gifts of Registered Funds (RRSP/RRIF)
     Charitable Gift Annuities
       Charitable Remainder Trusts


A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is an irrevocable gift from which the donor continues to receive an income during his or her lifetime and then at the donor's death the capital is distributed to one or more charitable organizations. The donor receives an immediate charitable donation receipt for the present value of the gift.

Charitable Remainder Trusts can be established during the life (inter vivos) of the donor or through the will (testamentary). The donor may decide to establish a trust where the beneficiary may be changed (revocable) or make the decision permanent (irrevocable). If the donor establishes a trust that meets the following conditions a charitable receipt may be issued:

  • Transfer is irrevocable
  • The property must be held by the charity at the time of transfer
  • Value of the residual interest is ascertainable
  • No encroachment on capital and any administrative fees are to be paid from income of the trust

The trust may allow any of the above and still provide a gift for the charity, however as the value of the gift is not certain or ascertainable it is not eligible for a donation receipt


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