Benefits of Partnership

In the mid-seventies, several charities sought a way to thank their donors for the many years of faithful support. They envisioned a charitable organization dedicated to serving Christians who desired to follow Biblical stewardship principles. It was out of this that CSS was born. In 1976 CSS received its federal charter and continues to serve thousands of people with estate and will planning, personal finances and charitable giving services.

Today, CSS works across Canada, serving some 350 clients each year and manages well over $50 million in planned gifts in many forms. Its work is made possible by the financial support of over 40 Christian organizations and over 100 Christian schools and their supporting Foundations throughout Canada.

What are some of the benefits of partnering with CSS?


The main work of CSS is to provide estate and gift planning services to the supporters & donors of all its partner organizations. These professional services are provided free of charge to the supporters of our partner community. Partners are encouraged to refer their supporters for these full-service visits.


Partners provide a valuable service to their supporters through the work of CSS - Donors recognize the benefit received and often respond by including the partner in their planned gifts and estates.



CSS has a few 'canned' events that we find effective tools to educate and promote planned giving, estate planning and other tools to donors. A popular example is the "Will Clinic" which CSS staff will assist our partners in arranging them: from planning and promoting to presenting on the day, helping to connect with local lawyers , etc.


CSS will establish an endowment fund for any of its partner organizations, or for their supporters as a 'family foundation' style Donor Advised Fund. When donors make gifts to such a fund, CSS handles the paperwork, CRA reporting and issues any tax receipts.


Partnering organizations receive access to CSS literature on planned gifts, gifting tools, etc. available in quantity at cost or freely reproducible. CSS publishes a Directory of our partner organizations regularly and this is given as a gift to our clients.


  • Partners enjoy a reduced administration charge on their own Revocable Deposit Agreement and Endowment accounts;
  • Cost free handling of gifts of appreciated securities and gifts from RRSPs and RRIFs.
  • CSS accepts Life Insurance policies and other gifts on behalf of its Partners , and handles all the administrative work with Estate Trustees at no cost to its Partners.


CSS operates a Charity Loan and Mortgage Fund which is made available to charities to assist them in financing their capital needs. Mortgages and loans are extended to these organizations at competitive interest rates.


We trust that this summary helps you to understand the opportunity to partner with CSS, and answers a number of the questions that you may have.

You are encouraged to contact CSS if you are interested in partnering with us!

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