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A Deposit Agreement is a combination of investment and planned gift. It is especially designed for donors who wish to put their money to work effectively, to benefit themselves and their favourite charity(ies). CSS pays the donor interest on the Deposit at a rate equivalent to the earnings of the CSS restricted portfolio. It is intended as a long term investment vehicle. Although the average earnings for the past five years have been 5.58%; (gross) the rate does vary, and cannot be guaranteed.

The donor will receive up to fifty percent of the calculated earnings each June and December. The remaining interest earned will be distributed to the charity(ies) as the donor has requested. The donor retains ownership of their deposit and can have it returned upon 30, 60, or 90 days notice, depending upon size of the deposit. The funds on deposit are invested primarily to enable Christian organizations meet their capital needs through mortgages and loans. Depositors like knowing that their money is invested in building churches and Christian schools, and the assurance that, by investing with CSS, they are helping to enable ministry.

Charities and Christian non-profits may also deposit funds with CSS to achieve a solid rate of return for their reserve funds, savings or building funds. All net income is paid to the charity or non-profit.


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