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Mortgages for Charities

Christian Stewardship Services makes mortgages and loans available to churches, Christian schools and ministries across Canada. Currently over $47 million in investments is placed in mortgages and loans. Funding for these mortgages and loans is provided by individuals and organizations who have placed money on deposit with CSS. All loans are secured by mortgages and are limited to 70% of appraised value of the property.

Applications are reviewed each month by the CSS Investment Committee, a group of financial professionals appointed by the CSS Board. Applicants are reviewed based on their financial statements, cash flow and information about the building they own or wish to purchase. The process generally includes an on-site visit made by a member of CSS Staff.

Loans are made at fair market interest rates.

To apply, call CSS for an initial consultation at 1.800.267.8890, extension 250 - Rob Vandebelt.


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