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Without a Will, the government doesn't 'get it all.' Although each province has a plan in place for what will happen to your assets when you pass away, why risk allowing the government to decide how to distribute your estate? Do you know what that plan is? Does it reflect your values? It might not…

By having an up to date Will (and reviewing it regularly!) you will ensure that your estate distribution plan reflects your personal stewardship goals, adequately provides for any dependants, and leaves a testimony of the things that are important to you for those you leave behind.

A Will names an executor who will make sure your instructions are followed, nominates a guardian to look after any minor children, and ensures that assets are distributed in a way that is efficient and responsible. In some situations, a Will can provide reassurances that beneficiaries will receive their inheritance over time and in a way that does not overwhelm them, or in some cases encroach on government funded disability benefits.

A well-planned Will is the foundational document in your estate plan. It's worth making sure you have one in place.


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