Welcome to what we envision will be the beginning of a culture change. Christian Stewardship Services, along with the CRCNA is launching a program focused on ENCOURAGING church leadership to promote true biblical stewardship within their congregation, offering the TRAINING needed to be effective, and providing the RESOURCES needed to accomplish this lofty goal.

We believe there is a great desire among the leadership of churches to encourage their members in the area of stewardship. Although there is a great desire and need for encouraging stewardship, there are often 3 issues which quickly come to light when a church begins to look at stewardship. They are:

  • The focus is only on ‘making the budget” rather than inspiring an understanding of stewardship.
  • Stewardship does not have a “home” in the church – who is it within your leadership who encourages Stewardship?
  • Leadership concludes it to be an overwhelming job and do not know where to start.

Our goal here is to help you make small but effective changes within your congregation to help your members mature into true stewards of all the resources of time, talent, treasure and trees (creation) with which God has blessed them.

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