Seasonal Suggestions

Thank you for visiting our Stewardship Page. To begin with, there are a number of seasonal suggestions on our January 2018 Newsletter - see it here Q1 2018 Newsletter

Ideas for Winter 2018

  1. First - identify a person within your congregation to be the Church Stewardship Champion!
    • This person would be the contact person between your church and CSS.
    • This person would receive the quarterly Developing Stewards newsletter which provides practical ideas which can be implemented within your congregation to help encourage and understand stewardship.
    • This person would also receive correspondence about webinars and other events that CSS is offering in the area of Stewardship.
    • Be the first 'point of contact' for the local CSS Stewardship Consultant in your area. see our staff page to find out who your Stewardship Consultant is.
  2. Suggest to leadership that an appropriate Thank you letter be mailed to members for their 2017 giving along with Charitable Donation receipt.
  3. Provide Stewardship Nuggets to church office to be printed in Bulletin. (see button on right for samples)
  4. If your Church is in the SW Ontario area, sign up for the Stewardship Summit on April 7th! If you live in the Edmonton Alberta area, sign up for the October 2018 Stewardship Summit. (BC Summit coming spring 2019) Contact Annetta at or 800.267.8890 ext.217 for more information or to register.
  5. Submit a Stewardship Article for publishing in the Newsletter. (see button on right for samples)
  6. Organize a Will Clinic at your church to both highlight the opportunity for planned giving within an Estate Plan, as well as the responsibility of the member to provide for their family appropriate instructions about your possessions and how these possessions should be dealt with. It can not be understated what an enormous blessing this is for the family left behind! Contact Annetta at or 800.267.8890 ext.217 to find out how easy this is! We take care of all the details.
  7. Ask the deacons to introduce the offering during the Worship Service before it is taken, as well as highlighting the organization/cause for which next week's offering will be taken.
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