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40 Years in Highlights

A short video featuring some of the highlights from the history of CSS on this our 40 anniversary.

Discover the Experience

We provide services to individuals, families and business people in all stages of life which leaves them with a sense of security and peace of mind.

Unbiased Advice

Our Stewardship Consultants make hundreds of estate planning visits each year. Find out why our clients so appreciate the personal service we provide to give them control over their affairs, and peace of mind that it is done correctly.

Encourage Generosity

We believe that God has entrusted us with resources so that we may give, giving generously and joyfully to needs that God places on our hearts. A CSS Stewardship Consultant can discuss a multitude of giving options designed to achieve favourable tax consequences, and maximum benefit to both you as the donor, and your favourite charity.

Partnering for the good of the Kingdom

Life can be complicated when you have a number of different asset classes, and a desire to support all your favourite charities. The process can be seen as a challenge. CSS provides unbiased advice and there was no pressure to give - your wishes are our primary concern.

Partner Webinar with Calvin College

Custom Webinar for Calvin College supporters.

EduDeo Ministries - Bequest story

EduDeo Ministries produced a video to tell the story of a bequest they received which provided them the funds to grow into what they are today. It is an exciting and moving story of a relatively small gift and the enormous change that it made to this organization.

Christian Horizons - Bequest story

A wonderful Story about how a supporter of Christian Horizons used the CSS services to assist her grandson, and support her favorite charity at the same time.


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